One of the misconceptions  about getting your weight and health in good shape is where people hear about diets that don’t give you the full range of nutrition. For example, there is a lot of talk about a ‘carb-free diet’, which is frequently mentioned in the media, people talking about how they’ve been on a carb-free diet and had great results. The reality is if you have a truly carb-free diet, you’d die, because carbohydrates is the fuel that your body needs. It saves the body using your proteins to survive. Proteins you need to build your muscles, repair yourself, but the energy source your body needs comes from carbohydrates, it’s the type of carbohydrates that people have that’s important, for instance the only energy source that your brain uses is carbohydrates, it can’t get any energy from protein. So, what you’re looking for is carbohydrates that are not made of refined sugars. Instead you’re looking for wholemeal or whole grain type proteins, products with fibre in, or even better a selection of all of them. To simplify that, you back to a calorie, everything that you put in your mouth has a calorific value of some sort, the ones that are made up of refined sugars, such as white flours and refined sugar products, cakes and sweets, simplistic breakfast cereals have got a value of practically zero, because it’s just got sugar in it. What you’re looking for are ones with fibre, protein and micro and macro nutrients in it. Feed your body with products that may have a higher calorific value, but while they may have a higher calorific value, however they are full of other things and may be a better option. For example, if you prefer blueberries to crunchy nut cornflakes. Blueberries have a higher calorific value, but the blueberries have all the anti- oxidants and fibre that your body needs, so it’s a trade-off, this is what many people do not understand, so you can’t survive on just eating protein.

A good example of this was the Atkins diet where people were encourage to eat protein from an animal source, in large quantities, sausages, steak and things like this. All the body does is react in a certain way to begin with because it’s been a shock to the system, but then it starts packing the weight on. It doesn’t matter how much protein you eat, the body can only absorb 25g per meal. If you eat a mountain of sausages and steaks for breakfast, your body just wants to get rid of it because it can’t absorb it all. On that point it’s interesting to mention that your body can’t store the things it really needs. It can’t store protein, can’t store fibre and can’t store the micro/macro nutrients you need to survive.  It can store, with unlimited capacity, carbohydrates, which is fat and therefore you can eat all the foods with high calorific values made of refined sugar and you’ll pack it on as fat. Sadly, all the things your body needs, you can’t store, hence the importance of feeding your body three to five times a day and that is the key. So cutting food out is not going to result in you becoming healthy or losing weight.

If cutting food out is not going to make your healthy or lose weight, what food should you be eating ? Find out more tomorrow.