I say to people, ‘what do you have for breakfast’ and they say : “a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes, a glass of orange juice, a cup of black coffee and then I rush off to catch the train”, and I say, ‘how do you feel on that ?’ and they say : “well, I feel OK”, ‘and do you ever feel hungry ?’, “well, funnily enough I start to feel hungry about 10 o’clock or even before I get off the train, because I travel up to London  everyday”. ‘So what do you do then ?’, I ask. “I crave something sweet, so I normally have a croissant and another cup of coffee”, they reply. ‘How does that work ?’, “that’s ok until about lunchtime, then I fancy something savoury, so I have this or whatever and so it goes on” and I say ‘well that must cost you a fair bit’, “yes, just going to work I spend about £8 a day on just bits, then at night I get home and have another meal, it’s quite expensive”. So I say ‘wouldn’t it be good if there were something that didn’t allow you to crave and you felt good, because how do you feel with all that ?’, “Well, fairly sluggish, actually I’m tired, feel sleepy at work, get home have something to eat and fall asleep in front of the television”, they admit.

‘What would you say if I told you there was something on the market that could ensure that you didn’t go to sleep during the day, didn’t feel hungry and was cheaper ?’, I ask, “That would be fantastic“. ‘Well I know of a product that is going to cost you less than £3 a day, is going to give you two meals a day, three lots of vitamins and minerals your body needs and you can still have a nice meal in the evening. If you add the tea drink as well, which is not like these energy drinks you get so that you’ll not have a tummy ache and all the rest of it, you could get two hours an evening more alertness than you get at the moment, how does that sound ?’, and not surprisingly they reply “sounds wonderful, what is it ?”. It’s a product that I take myself, because my life used to be very much like yours, I was very sceptical took it to see if it worked and I was amazed, I’d never felt better. Personally I had a lot of digestive issues, that used to be one of the things I dreaded, because I knew if I had a big meal I’d regret it for the next two or three hours. Since I’ve been taking these products I don’t suffer any more. They make it in a range of flavours; vanilla, tropical fruit, strawberry, cappuccino, chocolate, even cookies & cream.  There are a lot of people with various food intolerances, various foods they can’t eat, so the vanilla flavour also comes in a ‘free-from’ variety which is suitable for people with allergies as it has been developed from pea protein and that is an amazing product as it is suitable for people with any intolerance at all.

Find out more about these products; Herbalife’s Formula 1 and Formula 1 Free-From at the Gift of Health and the Gift of Health online shop now.