One of the three things I like to talk about are ‘the three legs on a stool’ that unless you have in place before you do anything else then nothing else you try is going to be effective. The first of these things, (and  none of them cost anything by the way), is hydration. I’m constantly amazed that when I ask people how much water they drink most people say ‘none’. They drink tea, they drink coffee, they drink alcohol, but they don’t actually drink water. When you ask people about their health, especially in Britain, 75% of people’s visits to a doctor are to do with dietary problems. The biggest of these dietary problems is the elimination of waste, because most people don’t have that functioning correctly. The human body uses 1.7 litres of water (that’s three pints) just to survive. If you don’t drink that much water then where your body has to get it from is to wring the water, the moisture, from everything else that you put in your mouth and if it’s doing that, then it’s drawing water from other places that it’s needed. It means you’re not getting enough of that water in your blood which is made up of 82% water, that you’re not getting the cushioning in your organs, you’re not getting proper cushioning in your joints, it means that your heart is not looked after properly and all these things are affected. Also, the elimination of waste, which takes an awful lot of moisture and if you are not drinking water then your body has to wring it out of everything else that you’ve got inside you. One of the first places that this manifests itself is in your skin because that’s on the outside, so if you want to look older, drink any water. So, in summary, you need about two litres of what a day, but what is two litres ? Well it’s about eight glasses, so make sure that you drink this each day.

The second leg of the stool is sleep. Unless you get seven to eight hours of sleep you are not recharging your body. We’re all like battery operated tools, if you want to run out of power or energy, then don’t get enough sleep.  If you want lots of energy, you need to recharge your batteries. Also, in your sleep, it’s the time when your skin regenerates itself. So unless you’re having adequate sleep, your skin suffers, you can develop serious signs of ageing because of not getting adequate sleep, but most people do not realise this. It is also the time when people go through exfoliation, so the skin keeps fresher. As you get older the body slows down and needs a bit of help from an exfoliating cream, a lot of people and even doctors, can misdiagnose dry skin, particularly on the face and assume it is a form of eczema and prescribe medication when all they actually need is sufficient sleep and an exfoliating cream.

Tomorrow; the third and final leg of the stool that helps keeps your metabolism in balance.