Of the three legs of the stool we described previously, the one that most people overlook and the easiest to rectify, is hydration; drinking enough water. As a guide you should be drinking at around two litres, (that’s around three and a half pints) of water every day, more in warmer weather or if you’re doing active physical exercise. Many people do not appreciated that your body has an inbuilt barometer to show you if you are dehydrated. If when you go for a pee it’s a dark colour, then you are dehydrated, it needs to be clear to straw coloured, simple as that, everyone is the same, no exceptions.

I’m often asked by people that find plain simple water really boring to drink on its own, if there are ways of making it more interesting, but still healthy. If you are looking for more energy then there is a Thermojetics® Instant Herbal Beverage made by Herbalife which is a superior form of herbal tea that counts towards your daily intake of water, can be drunk hot or cold, has a pleasant flavour, no after taste and if drunk regularly in place of tea or coffee can give you two to three more hours of energy a day. The instant beverage comes in four flavours; original, lemon, raspberry and peach. Why not try some yourself : Gift of Health Herbal Beverage

Other ways of making plain water more interesting to drink include the addition of natural fruit juices, for example take an orange and squeeze some juice in. Yes, it contains some calories, fructose has calories, but natural fructose from squeezed oranges or lemons is good for you, it has vitamins and minerals or anti-oxidants as well. Anti-oxidants are something you hear a lot about and these fight off free radicals. Free radicals are things that are in the atmosphere that are attacking your body, they come from pollution, car-fumes and are attacking you all the time, the anti-oxidants found in fruit, for example, protect your body from infections to your body and skin caused by free-radicals.

Still on the subject of liquids, it is important that people understand that coffee dehydrates you, tea dehydrates you, fizzy drinks dehydrate you and alcohol seriously dehydrates you. Drinking alcohol is not great for your body, it’s a poison, people tend to drink alcohol, especially in Britain, because they’re thirsty. If you go to the continent they drink alcohol differently, if you order a bottle of wine, for example, the first thing you get put on your table is a jug of water. What they understand is that you should drink the water because you are thirsty and the wine because you like the taste and the effect of the alcohol, a serious difference to how we drink in Britain, where we drink more alcohol if we’re thirsty. All we do as a result is dehydrate ourselves. What alcoholic drinks are best for you, or at any rate the least worst , you may ask ? Well, white wine and a lemonade or spritzer is one way of reducing the alcoholic content and thus reducing the dehydrating effect. Red wine contains lots of anti-oxidants and so is also good for you, in so much as any alcohol is good for you. Spirits made from distilled cane sugars, such as rum as probably the worst in terms of their content, health-wise.