If you have trouble sleeping or still feel tired in the morning because of the ‘wrong kind of sleep’, then look at your eating patterns. We usually eat a large meal in the evening containing protein; steak, chicken etc., fuel for your body to give you energy and this is the perfect thing to keep you up all night. In contrast, low fat, high carbohydrate meals and digested more easily and stimulate different chemicals in the blood; the ones that help relaxation and so help you sleep. So, high protein meals should be breakfast and lunch, to keep you alert and clear headed. Look for low-fat, high carbohydrate things for your dinner. Also caffeine is obviously a stimulant. Some people find after drinking coffee at night that they go off to sleep quite easily, but they don’t stay asleep and in a couple of hours they are hovering on the point of consciousness and therefore the body is not getting into the area of the sleep that it needs. Only when the you are into a deeper sleep does the body regenerate the skin, recharge the batteries and allow your cardiovascular system to start to repair itself. Alcohol has the same effect plus the brain realises when it is not in deep sleep, that the bladder is full and thus forces you to wake up to visit the bathroom. The other good things to have in the evening are those foods which are calcium rich; milk, yoghurts, cheese, because calcium helps you to relax as it is a muscle relaxant. Traditional bedtime drinks such as hot chocolate, Horlicks, hot milk have a scientific basis. Children being sent to bed with a glass of hot milk and a biscuit is in fact very wise. Between them they have calcium and carbohydrates and that all encourages a more relaxed and deeper sleep.

So, in summary, lighter dinner focused on salads and vegetables, perhaps lentil soup, followed by a fruit dessert are all good things to eat in the evening. If you know caffeine affects up, stop drinking it in the evening. Keep alcohol intake limited because it’s a dialectic. You are less likely to be woken up though drinking too much water than alcohol or coffee, especially alcohol. They send very strong signals to the brain that you need to go to the toilet.

As part of your pre-bedtime routine, why not try Niteworks® from Herbalife which contains L-Arginine helping to promote good blood circulation as part of a healthy diet.

• Contains L-Arginine which works together with the body to increase nitric oxide production, to help support normal blood circulation
• Niteworks® is high in vitamin C and E which are beneficial antioxidants known to help protect the cells against free radicals.
• Niteworks® powder is a key product in the Herbalife Healthy Heart Programme

Research suggests that the naturally occurring gas, nitric oxide, promotes healthy blood circulation, when combined with a balanced and varied diet and exercise.
Mix two scoops (9 g) of Niteworks® powder with 250ml of water or juice. Drink at night before bedtime. Niteworks® is night-time nutrition particularly designed for anyone but especially for those above the age of 30.

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