I’m often told by people that I’m attempting to help get into better shape and have more energy that I have it all wrong! Yes, I just don’t get it; they tell me that they have to have a carbohydrate free diet in order to get fit and slim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see I advice balance and feeding the body five times a day, having at least one Herbalife shake a day and he multi vitamins three times a day and drink at least two litres of water a day.

The intake of Carbohydrates is so important for good health, we are talking complex carbohydrates now, that are full calories, not empty calories like you find in the refined flour and sugar carbohydrates.

So do we need carbohydrates? Well Yes we do!

Carbohydrates spare the protein so that the protein can concentrate on building, repairing and maintaining body tissue instead of being used as an energy source.

Carbohydrates are necessary for fat to metabolize properly to prevent large amounts of fat being used causing an imbalance and an acidic body and ketosis’s

Carbohydrate is necessary for the regulation of nerve tissue and is the ONLY source of energy for the brain.

Certain types of carbohydrate encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestion system.

Some types of carbohydrate are high in fibre which helps lower the risk of diabetes, constipation, heart disease and some types of cancer.

So YES WE NEED CARBOHYDRATES IN OUR DAILY DIET don’t be told anything else. Contact me at: http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk