I hear all the time about people that go on crash diets and claim that they get great results in a quick time.

Then we see them, often they look gaunt, are tired often irritable and of course fed up with being hungry!

Just an observation, if a prisoner in jail goes on hunger strike they tend to become very thin, it’s called starvation!!

My point is simple, not feeding you body good nutrition throughout the day will result in weight loss, tiredness this is caused as your muscle tissue is being used as fuel.

I retail and support people with products that are a dietary change, its feeding the body more than it has been since you were a baby, it gives the signals to the brain to rebuild your body to produce good muscle tissue and to give energy.

Don’t torture your body trying to get a better shape through starvation, feed your body total nutrition, eat five times a day so you look and feel great.

Check out my story and results at http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk I hope that this inspires you to make some changes within you life.