The three basic things for the foundation of good health that need to be in place before you go on the adventure of having a better shape and more energy are:

1 You need to drink at least two litres of water a day (every day) your body uses 1.7litres to survive, if you don’t drink it your body will find it and that normally means from the skin that leaves you looking wrinkled up and old before your lime! So if you want to look old don’t drink water!

2 Have at least seven hours sleep at night, it’s when your batteries charge up and your skin exfoliates so avoid nodding donkey syndrome get some quality rest.

3 Do more exercise than you did yesterday, we are not talking about the marathon on day one, it may be changing TV without the remote but do something and something more tomorrow?

Get these in place then we will be ready to get the healthy plan in action!!!!!!!