How many times do we hear that people don’t need to supplement if they eat correctly, fresh food, lots of vegetables etc; Oh if only that was true in all cases.
Sadly today in countries like the UK unless it comes fresh from your garden or Allotment, there is far less than you may imagine from shop food.
The reality is that the food we see in supermarkets from Liddle to M&S has come from further that the farm up the road! Most of what we buy has come at least half way around the world.
It’s been grown in countries that couldn’t feed themselves years ago, but with the pestersides and fertilizers they are now major producers of our food.
These crops are forced grown and picked early then kept in conditions to slow ripening until it gets to us under artificial light.
The product is handled many times and packaged before it reaches us in the supermarkets.
What we don’t understand is from the second fruit or vegetables are dug from the ground or picked from the bush or tree the nutritional value starts to reduce, likewise every time an item is handled.
In 2002 a clinical study of the nutritional values of fruit and vegetables was carried out in Switzerland, I remember that the strawberry was a depreciation of 80% of vitamin C, it’s crazy but true.
I remember my grandmother telling me that these new frozen foods had no goodness in them, well in the 1950’s she may have had a point, but today the frozen vegetables and fruit may be a little squidgy when it’s cooked, but as it was frozen when and where it grew it’s still full of nutrients and vitamins.
Supplementation is also a mine field because our bodies can only absorb small amounts of our RDA (recommended daily allowance) so many supplements we buy from health shops are far beyond the RDA, we take extra as we think we will give our bodies a super charged dose, sadly our bodies react and it ends up in the toilet, that’s a fact.
So, we need to find a product that are scientifically designed so it’s all absorbed, that means you take them three times a day, and it’s all used, Herbalife have three products that give your body not only the total food and protein but also all the 22 vitamins, nutrients and two types of fibre we use each day, Formula 1 Formula 2 and Fibre & Herb, that’s what I use and have done for ten years.
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