Several people have asked today how they can join the company, seeing the quality of branding and type of people who want to be the brand they can see the momentum of Herbalife.
Well today it just got made really easy, get your Mini IBP and start your new adventure with us, phone, text, email or through the contact me page on the web site.

Mini IBP: On Sale Now!

A Mini IBP is now available to purchase. It’s never been as easy to become a distributor with a starting profit margin of 25% to build your own business with Herbalife.
This is at a lower price than the regular IBP, to help to give more people the opportunity to join the Herbalife business.

The Mini IBP contains one Formula 1 shake canister along with all of the literature items from the regular IBP.
Order Yours Today! 01303 241145, 07917733177