Often people say I go on about fruit and vegetables to much, they don’t like them!

Well, short while ago a survey was carried out across the USA over all classes with regard to the amount people eat, now in America they have seven a day, not like in Europe five a day, never worked that out.

The results were amazing or that should be embarrassing, No1 Ketchup, No2 French Fries, proportionate numbers made it impossible to have any more on the list, This is why the USA is the fat capital in the world, best place to sign up for heart disease, diabetes and cancer and all manner of digestive illness.

Guess which country is leading the way in Europe, Yes, it’s the UK, we offer all the illnesses of the USA and a broke health service so survival less likely, Yes, the biggest factor is what we eat and from that the lack of Fruit Vegetables and water!

We have the five a day saying here, it means the colours of the rainbow in different fruit & Vegetables, and we need the vitamins and nutrients that are found in the colour groups.

As well the digestible fibre to slow absorption of glucose in the blood to avoid rises and falls in our blood sugar levels and the over activity of our pancreas having to over work pumping insulin into our blood to stabilise sugar levels, the indigestible fibre that catches cholesterol in our food as well as swelling up in our tummy making us feel full avoiding over eating and then passing through our digestive systems to ensure an elimination of toxins and a healthy waste system.

Then of course there are the photo nutrients that are in the colours of the fruits and vegetables, these are so important to our health, they help to stabilise and keep in check cancer cells, now this is serious stuff, and information of colour groups can be obtained from me RichardHowlett@sky.com

We need to start to introduce the fresh fruits and vegetables to our children when they are young, leading by example making them a normal thing, not a punishment, kids love the taste of raw peas and carrots, butter beans, try and experiment a little, when you go shopping let them pick a fruit or vegetable that you haven’t had before and discover its taste and how to prepare it, lets get started lets give our kids a chance in life.

I was going to give you a few statistics from the Cancer Research UK advice sheet on my wall.
Of all cancers these are the contributing factors:
No2 Over weight, No3 Low Fruit & Vegetables Diet, No8 eating red or processed meat, No10 Low Fibre diet, No13 Over 6grams of salt each day.

There are also break downs of other cancers, they all include the lack of the good foods and the overeating of the not so good foods.

We are human we eat food and food is fun, we do need to eat the correct foods, our children will only do as we do, not what we say! So start today to change your and your family’s health.

I called my business the Gift of Health because it is, we need to preserve it by getting the correct nutrition, I thank god for the day I found , or rather Herbalife found me, it has changed my life through better health, two or three shakes a day and a good meal in the evening, all the colours of the rainbow in fruit and vegetables with lots of water, I’ve never felt as well as I do, give it a go http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk you never know you could be the person that inspires your whole family to change to a healthier lifestyle.