Just looking at some blogs on Herbalife and other products and I have to smile, two things stand out, the first question is Do the products work and will I have to take them all the time?
The second is do you have to take them?
Well, lets look at this, I have a web site and on it are photos of me, not a random person, before I lost 79lbs in a short time ten years ago, so go to http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk and see me and others, then either come round to the house and check me out or look me up on face book because I’m still looking good after ten years.
Would I ever stop taking the products? No, I never feel hungry I have loads of energy and look younger than most people of 61 years.
Can you stop taking the products yes, will you put on weight? If you go back to your old ways of course you will, this is about change, you have to decide what’s good for you, health or illness, the choice is yours.
Do I take the products? Look at me, of course I do I take all the inner nutrition and targeted products and I also use the outer nutrition product every day.
Looking fat old and worn out is not cool, so do your self a favour and get on Herbalife and have a unique life.