Champion food in a champions hands, feed your body like a champion.

Champion food in a champions hands, feed your body like a champion.

What has blood sugar levels got to do
with staying well and losing weight?

We all know that optimum weight is something everyone needs to be striving for, if we are going to live healthy and happy lives we need to find the foods that will achieve this without leaving us feeling unhappy and hungry.

Research shows that the best foods for enjoying good weight are those that don’t cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. Balanced blood sugar is associated with physical and emotional health, as well and longevity. In fact, steady blood sugar levels are the one thing that every person who lives over 100 (centurion) has in common.

Foods that cause a spike in blood sugar are generally sugar and refined carbohydrates. They cause the body to produce insulin, which turns the sugar into fat and is stored in our bodies; Insulin also makes you crave the same sugar and refined carbohydrate food constantly.

Leading to weight gain and a variety of health conditions including diabetes. Cutting down on carbohydrates and sugar is the first step to bringing your weight and overall health into balance.

But while it’s all well and good to talk about cutting down on carbohydrates, it can be excruciatingly painful for those who are addicted to them. And carbohydrate addiction is far more common than you think. Just try cutting them out for a day to find out how difficult it can be.

The key is to find a delicious low carbohydrate food, that’s available good for all the family, keeps you full and is 100% safe and healthy.

Well we have the answer it’s Herbalife Formula 1, it can be seen and ordered at the formula 1 comes in different flavors and mixes with anything you like.

The best way to take it is with soya milk as it’s no fat, cholesterol or lactose but it has protein the one thing your body needs to give a good shape change but also curbs hunger.

Soya is the main component of Formula 1, it has the ability of a slow release of energy into the body, so two shakes a day and a sensible meal will get your health on track really quick without the hunger, check my result on

The Herbalife weight loss plan has two other components the Formula 2, a powerful multi vitamin that is in such a low useable dose your body uses it all, not like the commercial ones that have far too much and your body dumps it, take one three times a day, but on this subject on blood sugar levels we have the Fiber and Herb tablet, we take two three times a day with large glass of water.

Fibre and herb, we are recommended to consume 24grams of fibre a day, studies suggest we, if we try still only having 8 grams the rest of us less.

Fiber is in two components, digestible and indigestible, both so very important, the digestible turns into a mush and lays across the tummy’s lining and slows the absorption of glucose into the blood stream, controlling the insulin levels.

The indigestible fiber swells up in the tummy, giving a feeling of fullness to help prevent over eating, it catches cholesterol that may ne in the food you eat and then passes through the digestive system cleaning it as it goes through the intestine.

So for snacks and that third meal, what can you eat that will help to balance the blood sugar levels? Well here are 7 of them that can help you get through the withdrawal of high carbohydrate foods.

Almonds: A study published in the International Journal of Obesity shows that people eating a diet rich in almonds lost more weight than those on a high-carb diet with the same number of calories. This goes to show that weight loss is not simply due to calorie counting. Almonds are bulky and filling, so you feel that you are getting some substance without the spike in blood sugar.

Quinoa: Although quinoa looks like a grain, it’s actually the seed of a green leafy plant. It is one of the best sources of amino acids, and is a good source of iron, potassium, and B vitamins. The reason why quinoa is an incredible super food for weight loss is that it’s packed with protein, but its grain-like texture makes it a fantastic substitute for rice, couscous, and other carbohydrates.

Millet: This is rich both in fiber, which makes your stomach feel full longer, and in protein, which keeps your blood sugar even, although it has the texture of a carbohydrate. And studies have shown a link between millet and weight loss. Some researchers believe that it’s the combination of phytonutrients and fiber that’s responsible for the lower rate of colon cancer in people who eat millet, rather than fiber alone.

Hummus: Because hummus is packed with protein, it fills you up, but again without any blood sugar spiking. Try to get hummus with olive oil rather than sunflower oil… or better yet, make your own sprouted raw hummus, which will provide you with an incredible amount of nutrients.

Avocado: Avocados offer a range of nutrients, and help you absorb other nutrients more effectively. They are also creamy and bulky at the same time, so they help people feel satisfied.

Lentils: Lentils are nutritious, flavorful, and are easy to prepare. Lentils, like beans, are a good source of protein. Lentils also provide calcium and phosphorus, vitamin B and iron.

Walnuts for Weight loss: Walnuts are a great snack food that will fill you up and help you to feel less hungry. They contain anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, and a study at Loma Linda University showed that people who ate walnuts regularly had a reduced incidence of heart attacks. The research also asked people to add a quarter cup of walnuts to their diets, or for comparison, to remove all walnuts from their diets. They found that not eating walnuts led to weight gain.

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