The foundation of good health.

The foundation of good health.

Amino Acids.

What are Amino Acids and why do I need them?

That’s a really good question;

Amino Acids are used by the body to build proteins, they are the sand and cement of the building blocks we call proteins.
Proteins are essential for the formation of cells and are also involved in the biochemical structure of hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters and antibodies, so they are very important to our growth and development and health.

Amino Acids are classified as either essential or non-essential, essential amino acids cannot be synthesised in the body and must be obtained from the diet that we eat, Whereas non-essential amino acids, whilst still essential for health, can be synthesised in the body and therefore not classified as essential.

However that assumption is made on the basis that the body in question is being fed the correct amounts of balanced nutrition each day! Which 90% of bodies are not (look around at work in the street or on the bus) so for good health we need to not only look at our basic nutrition but also ensure the intake of the Essential Amino Acids.

So where can we get the required amount of Amino Acids that our bodies need without spending all day in the market and kitchen in this super fast life we now lead?
Herbalife Formula 1 is the answer, it comes in seven flavours and is available at it is made from soya protein has all 22 Amino Acids our body needs to build our cells, tastes great and I have lived off it for ten years.

Its easy to use can be taken with various liquids although I recommend soya milk as its no lactose fat or cholesterol and has protein, so it’s best.

Check out my results on the home page of see what it has done for me and what it can do for you, for people with intolerances we have a Formula l Free From, this is made from pea protein it only comes in the vanilla flavour but you can add fruit to your shake to have variety.

So Amino Acids yes we all need them, as well as better nutrition, when do we need them, everyday, spread throughout the day in a slow absorption vehicle, is there such a product that available and affordable? Will it taste nice and will we feel full? Yes we do have that very solution, go to order yours today, fill in the feed back form, or email and I will give you a call and work with you on the path to great health.