Special training with Dr Heber at Heathrow Airport.

Special training with Dr Heber at Heathrow Airport.

Blood Sugar Levels.

What a subject to talk about, almost everyone has opinion and 99% of it is wrong, now I’m not saying I have the absolute answer to the subject but what I do have are some good life practices you can help your self and your family with.

I have them direct from my notes taken at meetings with the world’s number 1 doctor as voted for by doctors, Dr David Heber, MD., Ph.D. Director, UCLA centre for human nutrition.

 Glucose is a simple sugar and is one of the primary molecules which serve as energy sources for both plants and animals fact.

 Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels fact.

 Uncontrolled or high blood sugar levels can lead to health complications such as blindness, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes’s fact.

 Increase in concentration of glucose in the blood leads to a condition called “diabetic coma” or hyperglycaemia.

So why if it’s a primary molecule that we need is there a problem?

The easy answer is GREED! But not the overeating greed, this is money greed, it’s what we hope and expect our doctor’s politicians and legal systems to protect us from,
But they don’t because they all get so much money from food manufactures they are quite happy for us all to become sick.

There were once rules, but when some broke the rules and added more sugars than others to sell more products, as we become addicted to the high sugar taste.

When the rule breakers were found out, they, the government decided it was eaiser to allow others to also use more to make it fair and they continued collecting tax as we became sick.

This has gone on for years and the governments have been challenged, food manufactures have been challenged to regulate and show customers what they eat, most have misleading labels and no one cares, the only supermarket that adopted the recommended traffic light system was Sainsburys, the others continue with smoke and mirrors, helping you and your kids to an early death.

Anyway enough of why you are on your back foot before you start this subject, Everything has natural sugar within it or glucose, it could be Lactose of fructose so many names, but all processed food has also refined sugar, death in a bag!

We need to try to read labels and get your intake down straight away.

We know that often hunger is thirst so we need to drink those minimum of eight glasses of water a day.

We need to introduce more protein into our diet, soya being the best for our health, protein curbs hunger and gives a slow sustained release of energy, try to have protein in soya or white meats at least three times a day.

We also need to slow down the absorption of glucose from any form into our blood stream and avoid the rapid rise in our blood followed by the crash when our pancreas is forced into producing insulin to cause the drop and store the residue as body fat, OH this really is a lose, lose story up until you die!

The fact is we should get from our diet at least 24 grams of fibre a day, that once equated to eight hours grazing when we were hunter gatherers, well since then we have let the fibre hunt go, even people with a quest on good food are lucky to get 8 grams a day.

So when I tell you fibre is essential to the slowing of absorption of glucose into our blood it becomes clear we have a problem! You can see what I recommend Fibre & Herb, two tablets three times a day with large glass of water, http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk order your soya based products and get your health on track today.

Fibre has two components, two functions, digestible, this is the stuff that creates a lining of the stomach, this in turn slows the absorption, then the indigestible fibre, this goes into our tummy and swells up giving a signal of fullness thus curbing appetite, it also catches excess cholesterol in our foods, but most of all it passes through our intestines and cleans as it goes keeping our gut healthy.

Start looking at the labels and improve your health, any questions just fill in the feed back form at http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk