What a fantastic day 30c another hot day in the UK. You need to read this!

Do you know what the biggest organ of the human body is?

Well for most of us it’s the most abused, it’s bashed grazed cut and bruised for years, we pierce it and cut it, we even inject dye to make pictures on it, we dip it in chemicals and bleach we leave it in water the wind, we cover it in dirt and we blast it with extreme temperatures, we sting it with plants and insects, we scratch it till its sore, and worst of all we burn it!

Yes, it’s your skin! The tent our other bits live in, if you don’t look after it where are you and your bits going to live?

Once in the summer our parents and grand parents would get us on the beach in the summer to get us “as brown as a berry, let the suns rays give us lots of goodness” well back then it did to a level and the sun just gave us a tan.

Today there is a stark reality to health, skin cancer kills, the suns rays are no longer diluted by the protection of the ozone layer, its not there in anything like the density of the 1940’s 1950’s today is like putting the kids into the micro wave for a quick blast, we HAVE to protect our skin.

Sun light is a key element to good health we should try to get out in the fresh air all year round even on the most overcast day the suns rays feed our bodies.

It’s being sensible and not allowing our skin to burn and blister we need to make sure we use sun block today and protect our children as well as our self’s, Falling asleep in the sun is so easy to do ( I confess when I was young living in tropical countries I would often have too much to drink and fall to sleep for the afternoon to awake like an over cooked steak) if I did what I used to do in the 60’s & 70’s I’m sure I would be very ill today at best.

When looking as sun factor please understand that most skin care cosmetic products for indoor use, just going to work have a factor up to 15uv so you need to realise that that factor is useless out on the beach or in the park, kids should have factor 50uv and all over in the sun, adults today 30uv, seriously you need to do this.

Have a look at the SF in your skin care, I use an anti ageing range at http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk ant its all factor 15uv I use this every day all year round, getting the best from the sun and protecting my skin.

Its not only the sun the wind also rip’s at our skin stripping the goodness allowing the free radicals to attack our health.

I will continue the thread of the blog to try to point you in the right direction for good skin care and why and where you can get it from food and products