Well it’s still hot! Let’s look at what we can do to help our bodies.

As said in the last blog, we neglect the biggest organ we have every day, it’s our skin and it’s what the other stuff lives in, no good going to the gym or taking health food or special treatments to look good in one area if your skin is in neglect is it?

The free radicals are basically odd molecules that land on our skin from the elements in the atmosphere, because they are not paired they are mutant and latch on our skin cells and create an infection and take over healthy cells, can we stop them NO, we are stuck with them so we have to kill them off.

We need to do some basic stuff, keep hydrated, even more important in this hot weather, we have spoken about the urgency of the eight glasses of water a day or two litres this is a minimum for bodily function, when you go to the toilet to have a wee, if it’s not clear to straw colour you need more water irrespective of what you have had.

Your body will take water from the skin to keep the organs in you body hydrated, down side is you leave your defences down for the free radical attack, and you develop lines and bags under you eyes, not enough water, you will look old!!

We need to put up a defence against the free radicals and how we can do this is to eat antioxidants, the powerful antioxidants are in our fruits and vegetables we need to ensure that we eat the rainbow of colours every day, to quote Mr Jim Rohn, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, that’s what it is, it’s not eating seven on Sunday! All you gat that way is tummy ache!

The most powerful of all the fruits is the blue berry, so ensure you protect your self by eating these daily, you can also supplement, I have an antioxidant called Rose Ox, my one a day suit or armour to protect myself, http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk These are all year round tips, So we have our bodies hydrated with water, we eat the fruits and vegetables for the antioxidants we have our sun block high factor and we were a hat to stop or heads from cooking.

The old story of tea will keep you cool, fizzy drinks are good for you and help to cool you, Let’s have a beer to cool us down, ALL of these dehydrate your body, yes all, the only thing is water in the heat, don’t like plain water, put a slice of fresh lemon or orange in it, this is long term health we are talking about.

People often say they don’t sweat and keep cool in the sea, well just a little word to the wise, not only do you sweat when immersed in the sea when you swim and play but salt water dry’s your skin of moisture, so not only should you keep you body hydrated you should use a high quality skin cream to replace the moisture see http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk skin care.

If you are working in the sun you should replace the electrolytes that you lose in your sweat and salts this is vey important, without filling your body with sugar, I recommend what I use, Herbalife24 Hydrate http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk it’s what I also use when I train.

I will finish off this blog today with after sun, sand and wind you need to use some good skin products to re hydrate your skin and keep the moisture locked it, ensuring smooth nourished skin, I use all the products on http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk outer nutrition range.

I may well give you a few tips later in the week, but I have to dash as I’m off to the beach!