Dr Louis Ignarro.jpg 2With the news that because we have a few hot days death rates have increased, quick recap, words from Dr Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in Medicine.
We have spoken of the need for hydration, to allow the body to regulate its own temperature to keep our organs in good working condition to protect our brain in its cooling and cushioning.
We also have to ensure our blood is kept flowing well 82% of it is water, we have to drink water with a twist of fruit if water is too difficult, how much? Enough at least two liters, dark colour urine is a clear indicator of dehydration, constant hunger is often really a thirst, try having a large glass of water.
Many of the deaths are heart related, I posted a note from Dr Louis Ignarro a few days ago, and I will give it to you again:
High blood pressure is a symptom that can indicate many possible dysfunctions. One is located at the level of the endothelium, which is the thin layer of cells that line the blood vessels. In this dysfunction, the endothelial cells do not produce enough nitric oxide, which is a short-lived gas that promotes blood vessel relaxation. Chronic dehydration is another common dysfunction that presents with elevated blood pressure.
WATER, WATER, also were light coloured clothes to reflect the heat, wear loose fitting clothes to allow free circulation, use sun block, ensure children use factor 50, cover your head, drink less alcohol, tea, coffee these all dehydrate your body.
If you can paddle in some cool water if not cool your self in a shower put your feet in cool water if you are unable to get out, if you are stuck inside allow air flow through your rooms.
With a further tip to keep your cardiovascular system in good order, to keep the very limited amount of nitric oxide our bodies produce which Dr Ignarro has proved keeps us alive, falling into our posts on antioxidants and eating fruits and vegetables, Dr Ignarro says:
“Pomegranate contains antioxidants capable of markedly protecting nitric oxide against free radical destruction, while augmenting certain biological actions of nitric oxide such as inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.
These research observations support the conclusions that pomegranate possesses potent antioxidant activity that is associated with anti-atherosclerotic effects in humans.”
Let’s just try and share some of these things with those who don’t know and help people enjoy the weather not suffer and in some cases die!
Having spent over 25 years in countries with temperatures far higher than what we are experiencing I do find that the basic survival skills of life seem hard work to so many in the UK, we have to realize that WE have to take responsibility for much of the problems we have, they can be addressed in what we drink what we eat and what we wear, the sun has always been there, its no good blaming the sun!