ImageHow One Vi Couple Overcame Adversity

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Whenever Doug Powers and Lesli Diamond look in the mirror, their reflections tell the story of hard work and dedication. Their sculpted bodies, with six- and eight-pack abs, respectively, are visible examples of their physical strength. Although their physiques frequently attract attention, both Doug and Lesli have certainly had to work hard for it.

“Fitness and health have always been our lifestyle,” Lesli says. “We even met in the gym. But I have battled my weight my entire life.” Doug, who recently suffered a serious illness that resulted in the amputation of his leg at the knee, watched as his body deteriorated during the course of his intermittent ten-month hospital stay. “I wanted to get in shape, but my fitness plans were always one step forward, then a couple of steps back,” he says. “I just wasn’t getting the results I needed.”

When the couple was introduced to Vi, their first Challenge set them on a new, healthier course. “We lead a very disciplined life,” Lesli says. “I was in the gym six days a week, eating 1,200 calories a day and watching everything I ate—but I couldn’t lose the weight. The Challenge fit into the life I was already living and gave me results I could not get any other way. Now when people see me they are absolutely floored by my transformation” see all the kits at http://www.viinuk.co.uk

As Body by Vi Challenge™ Fitness Champions, Lesli at age 53, and Doug at age 64, are now in the best shape of their lives. “I’m a 64-year-old man with one leg, working out with the focus and determination of a 30-year-old,” Doug says. “Most people are shy about their age, but we are proud. It’s a badge of honor to be in the shape we’re in. The energy we have is all because of The Challenge.”

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CHALLENGE GOAL: Lesli’s was to lose 20 lbs., and Doug’s was to feel alive again
RESULT: Lesli lost 25 lbs. and 7% body fat; Doug lost 30 lbs. and gained 10 lbs. of lean muscle