By ViSalus @visalus · On April 1, 2014

These days the number ‘4’ is pretty significant to Vi Crown Ambassadors Mike and Lavon Craig. It probably has something to do with the fact they have promoted The Challenge for 4 years… and also just passed $4 million in career earnings.

We asked them to share with us how they’ve seen Vi grow throughout the years, what achieving the earnings mark means to them, their advice for aspiring Promoters, and what’s been the most fun about their Vi journey thus far.

Tell us about the Vi momentum and positive changes you’ve seen in the past few years.

[Mike]: What has been most exciting is to see the evolution of our company over the years. We started with an idea—when we knew it would revolutionize an industry. Then we created a blueprint to make that idea a reality. And now, we’ve seen it come to fruition. From that launch pad came a better, more financially solid company with a mission that is completely solidified.

We’ve been able to make weight loss fun…and to empower other people to help children. That’s what we’re really passionate about—PROJECT 10™ Kids, see more at http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk..

[Lavon]: We’re a part of something so life-changing for generations to come. The average person can truly make his/her mark in having such a huge impact on the world. It’s exciting to watch and be a part of.

What does hitting the $4 million mark mean to you?

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[Mike]: It’s super significant but also very humbling. Earning $4 million in 4 years? A bit hard to comprehend, actually. And definitely a blessing. But, when we learned that we reached that mark, our first thought was planning how many more of our team members we’re going to help become Vi Millionaires. 

[Lavon]: It made our dream a reality. But, we’re just getting started. We’re putting our heads down and figuring out how to help others achieve their own goals.

In one word, tell us what that money symbolizes.

[Mike]: Only one word? (laughs)… Freedom.

If you could tell Promoters the most important thing they should THINK and DO to build their business, what would it be?

[Mike]: They need to believe it’s possible. Then they should never quit. Change the mindset, and you change the actions.

We’re sure you’ve had a lot of incredible and fun experiences promoting The Challenge. What is one of your favorites?

[Lavon]: I love watching Mike talk on stage, like at a Vi National Event, for example. He is able to be who he truly is. He’s not that stuffy corporate person…he’s relaxed and having fun and passionately sharing a very worthwhile and inspirational message. It reminds me why we’re doing all this. And, I’m able to continually see the man I fell in love with and married. 

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