I post on the blog information on change, both in health and opportunity, seen at http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk  http://www.bodybyvi.london

The myth is there is a catch or its not real, well there is no catch as long as YOU take action, there is no expectation from you other than if you use the products you will improve your health, reduce the chance of heart issues, diabetes and many other illnesses associated with being over or under weight, so the expectation is a happy healthy YOU!

The people shown in the photos in all posts and links are real people just like you.


The product are safe and feed your body, they are not a laxative where you lose muscle and water, the product is a yummy versatile shake mix that can be taken in many ways, containing three protein blends that breaks down fat and builds muscle fibre which in turn burns fat, you get a better shape more energy and a longer life.

I’m asked why do I have to give my card details to have a pre order set up, well this is a commitment, a challenge, the challenge to improve your health and to ensure YOU don’t run out or give in because you didn’t re order.

The products have a money back guarantee for 90 days even if you have eaten the product, you can phone the free phone number at any time to cancel and claim your refund, Lets be honest if YOU are not serious why do we want to waste our time in trying to help you?

The second issue is why do I have to be a promoter? YOU DONT!

The customer has no obligation to do nothing but get healthy, their are opportunity to get your products for free by having three friends join your challenge,(three for free) also to win the monthly challenges and have children les fortunate than you fed in your name, should you become a challenge champion you have cash prizes also.

Some people look for an opportunity that exists by becoming a promoter, but again its for people who WANT an opportunity to earn money helping others, but I am only looking for people who want to become a promoter and prepared to work on their future.

I would like to offer the opportunity to get healthy and to promote by reviewing the following link:  http://vi.co.uk/challenge-portal/body-by-vi-getting-started

If you would like to chat or email, 0044 (0)7917733177, RichardHowlett@sky.com, or to order or join go to http://www.bodybyvi.london  or  http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk

I hope you enjoy the presentation and we can work together in the future.