10 Things Britney Spears and Vi have in Common

10 Things Britney Spears and Vi have in Common


The Vi Community has a special place in its heart for singer Britney Spears. She is pop royalty after all. With a packed Vegas show schedule, intense workouts, and a family on her hands, this powerhouse performer relies, in part, on Vi-Shape® to help maintain her enviable physique.

We did a little research and came up with some fun (and random) stats on the pop princess. Here’s what Britney and Vi have in common.

  1. Britney Spears was born on December 2 and has the same birthday as Vi Promoter Kathy Abbot’s son—he’s 6.
  2. As featured in Women’s Health Magazine, Britney says about Vi-Shape, “It’s the one protein shake that actually tastes good.”Britney Spears Share
  3. Before Britney made it big she was an aerobics instructor just like UK-based Vi Promoter Lyssa Truman.
  4. Both Britney and ViSalus Co-Founder Ryan Blair wrote autobiographies that talk about what it means to follow your passion and what success looks like when you reach the top.Book Covers
  5. Spears and the ViSalus Founders have all graced countless magazine covers and talk about the importance of healthy living in feature articles.
  6. Magazine CoversWe like to work out in groups! “Being in a group setting pushes me to work harder,” Brit says in Women’s Health Magazine. Check out Groups.vi.com for information about Challenge Groups.
  7. Every January Britney and Co-Founder Blake Mallen are the same age—he turns a year older once February hits.
  8. Vi Promoters Kory & Natalie Kilbourne, Brett & Jessica Boyer, and Rickard Nilsson & Irma Arvidsson and Britney Spears really know how to live it up in Vegas at Planet Hollywood. They “technically” sang together and even sat next to Paris Hilton! Read about their experience here.
  9. Shake it up! Brit and ViSalus Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola like to dance on stage. Check out Nick’s Turn Down for What closing message at Vitality 2014 here.
  10. Can you believe it? One of Britney’s sons was born the same day ViSalus was founded. He and ViSalus both celebrated 10th birthdays on March 3! Birthday Cake

You too can be a part of ViSalus join the challenge or promote the challenge at http://www.bodybyvi.london or http://www.giftofhealth.co.uk or contact me direct at RichardHowlett@sky.com be apart of our 10th birthday celebration

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