Herbalife Provides The Gold Standard In Consumer Protection.

I’m often asked why I have so much passion for that shake stuff I use and retail?

I first tell them my story of a breathless overweight lethargic 51 year old who was told that’s the way it is when you reach that time in your life!

Fortunately I Gary, he was a Member of Herbalife, he told me if I tried the products I could improve my situation! Did I get excited and ask when I could get started? NO I Didn’t, I was exactly the same as 99% of other people!

However Gary didn’t give up and I eventually tried the shakes, within a very short time I achieved not only a great weight loss but also more energy and that changes your mind set, life offers so much more when you feel good.

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So for nearly fourteen years my day has never started without a shake, I have used the inner and outer nutrition products every day and I feel great.

So then what people normally say is What if?

Gold Standard Guarantees.

Low Start-Up Costs:

There are no minimum purchases required and there is a low cost for the Herbalife Member Pack.

There is no requirement to purchase any sales and business tools to start up or succeed in your Herbalife Membership.

Money-Back Guarantee:

There is a fully refundable, 90-day money-back guarantee for the cost of the Herbalife Member Pack if a Membership is cancelled for any reason.

There is a 100% refund guarantee on product for all unsold products purchased in the prior 12 month if Membership is cancelled for any reason.

Up-Front Business opportunity information:

We provide clear, accurate, and timley disclosures to prospective Members regarding potential income in our Statement of Average Gross Compensation.

Written Acknowledgement:

We require a new Member to acknowledge in writing that they are aware of each of these Gold Standard Guarantees before their Membership Application and Agreement is accepted.

Strong Product and Business opportunity Claim Guidelines:

We clearly define the benefit of each product and appropriate method of use directly on the label so the right product is taken the right way to achieve the best results.

Approved product claims and product information can also be found in the product brochure in the Herbalife Member Pack, other official literature, and your details to get on MyHerbalife.com

We provide realistic expectations of the business opportunity and the effort required to succeed at all levels.


Well this is the point that I like to take back the offer, weather a person is asking me about the products in a weight or sport context or even if its about becoming a Herbalife Member, I offer an affordable Three Day Trial, This is to see if the person likes the products, also the commitment to use the products, believe it or not taking the Three Day Trial people feel and can see how the products can work for them.

If this article has you wanting to know more of would like to try the Three Day Trial, email any questions to me at RichardHowlett@sky.com or call either 01303 241145, 07917733177.

There has never been a better time to change your situation with 24/7 support as a Herbalife Customer or Herbalife Member, don’t delay take action today.