Welcome back to the Gift of Health Blog. ( I should say that to myself as it’s been me who has been away!)  

I’ts been a while since I blogged, not due to a lack of passion for health and the desire to help people become more healthy and active, that is the bedrock.

No, its because i have been off track in my own head, I was diagnosed April 2015 was Prostate Cancer, it was a high grade advanced cancer and in the first week I had it and twenty four lymph glands removed.

Unfortunately there was a cancer not seen and during surgery it was found and removed but some cells had fallen into my body.

The cells started to grow and I was told that whilst it wasn’t needed right away I would have to have radiotherapy and that due to previous injury’s that have left my organs stuck together it may well lead to incontinence.

I said very little to anyone about this and sunk within myself, then when at the gym one evening I saw my friend David Bevan, (Chairman’s Club Member Herbalife International) whilst chatting he said I should call Jane Clark, his partner and also a friend (Chairman’s Club Member Herbalife International) as she also had cancer of the skin, that some of the doctors in Herbalife had advised various vegetables and fruits that would help the body to become an active alkaline state and that cancer has a difficulty to survive.

I spoke to Jane and she gave me lots of information and tips to start my campaign to become healthy, since that time its been a close communication to fight the disease, I will refer to these as we move forward in the battle.

Today is day 224 of the Super Shakes, I will keep yo posted and continue the battle, we will get back on track in the coming days on health in general but I wanted to explain my absence.

Pleased to be back :


The picture above is what you will see a lot off each day when I spin the magic that is the Super Shake, hopefully it will motivate and offer alternatives to people who feel there are none 🙂