We all know people who have lost large amounts of weight in quite a short time, they have told us of how great they feel and they looked fantastic, then the next time they are seen they look larger than before they went on the weight loss program.

This sadly is the case in so many instances, it’s due to a few factors but the main one is that the actual product was working in a way that left the persons body dehydrated and lacking in macro and micro nutrients to build muscle fiber, in plain language they have been starved, and in the end their survival instinct has taken over and they have over compensated and eaten the food store.

Its a fact that people who lose weight on many systems end up with saggy skin, weight loss far to quick, they are tired and irritable, their body’s are not getting the correct nutrition, they become bored with the bland taste of many of the products.

I have in my life tried many of these systems and have experienced all of the facts stated, we do it because we see it on the TV and so it must be right, the sad reality is many of these products can result in long term health issues, one of the biggest side effects is dehydration which leads to all sorts of problems.

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So what can we use? well what about a product that actually feeds your body, that’s absorbed within thirty minuets that supplies the correct amount of nutrition that your body will use and not have to process and dispose of excess vitamins as with so many products, that uses good fat to build muscle fiber, to ensure a gentle release of protein staving off hunger and give healthy weight loss and giving a good shape with elasticity to the skin.

Do you want a healthy meal plan which is used by hundreds of Olympic sports people and is approved by the Olympic scientific board, by sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, who has help develop a sports drink with the company CR7 Drive.

The fact is this is the only MEAL replacement product that supplies a nutritious filling healthy meal, its a life changing product that works, that comes with one to one support, that encourages life changing steps that dose change peoples lives forever.

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