Herbalife24 Review From The Man Blueprint

*The Man Blueprint was sent product samples for review purposes, all thoughts portrayed are his own.

I’ve always associated Herbalife with overweight middle-aged women selling mysteriously marketed potions to their peers. A bit of a generalisation I know but whatever. So when I saw someone I follow on Twitter trying out what looked like some pretty snazzily packaged Herbalife I asked him if they’d have some sort of re-brand.

Turns out it wasn’t a re-brand, but an entirely new range. The Herbalife24 range to be precise. Someone at Herbalife saw my tweet and thought I should try their stuff out. Me being the open minded gent I am thought why not give it a blast. And that my friend, is why we are here right now.

Reckon I need to work on my story telling skills?

Don’t answer that because I don’t care.

What is Herbalife24?

Herbalife24 is Herbalife’s offering for the 24-hour athlete. They offer loads of different supplements including pre-workouts and recovery drinks, all aimed at optimising athletic performance and recovery.

Plus, apparently Cristiano Ronaldo was using Herbalife before he was even signed with them so it can’t be half bad. Armed with this pretty impressive bit of insight, I set off on my testing journey…

The products

Now, onto the products.

Their range is actually much more extensive but for the purpose of this review, I was sent the two big draws for the range – plus a diddy lil’ shaker.

Rebuild Strength

This was my favourite of the two supplements.

The rebuild strength offering is a half carb, half protein blend which is ideal post-workout. I found this seemed to make me feel a bit fuller after workouts and I didn’t get any DOMs whatsoever (although I don’t really get them too much anyway).

One thing I found quite novel with this was the fact it was packed with vitamins too which meant whatever was depleted during a hard workout was restored straight away. I know it’s a bit bro science-y but I enjoyed that feeling of ‘stocking back up’

The main selling point was the taste. Chocolate isn’t usually my go-to but this blew my wig off. Fully converted to the choco life now and will probably buy some more of this gear if Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t hook me up with a lifetime supply.

CR7 Drive 

This is the gear that CR7 himself puts his face on. With that in mind, I thought this was going to blow me away. It didn’t quite live up to expectations but it still did the trick.

It gave me some energy but I believe that to get the best out out of this one you need to be smashing a 2-hour workout, doing intense cardio or playing sports – something where you’re going to be sweating a lot. I work out for 30-40 minutes and don’t break too much of a sweat so can’t really damn it or properly approve it.

One thing I will say is that I paired this with a coffee and felt a much bigger kick. It really allowed me to push for some PB’s more so than if I had downed a coffee alone. So there’s a little tip if you want to turbocharge this one.


This was the best of the bunch.

This shaker helped me grow by 7 inches, added 3 inches to my arms and helped me grow wings.

Jokes aside, not a bad bit of kit. Has a few compartments to put your pills and potions and looks decent for what it is. I don’t usually drink out of plastic though so only use this when I’m on the go and have nothing else.


I can’t believe I’m saying it but I’m genuinely impressed with these products. Apparently the protein came second and the electrolyte drink came first within their respective categories at the Men’s Fitness Sports nutrition awards – and I can see why.

Fair play to the folks at Herbalife, their 24 range is spot on and I will genuinely be buying some more of the stuff – the rebuild at least.

Get your products online direct from the company by following this link,.

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