Nile Wilson: Reflecting on the World Championships

I returned from the World Championships in Montreal last week and have now had a few days to reflect on how everything went. All in all, it was hugely positive and I can’t wait for the next 12 months ahead!

I finished 6th in the All-Around Final and was only 1.6 points away from the Gold Medal. For those of you new to how gymnastics works, the All-Around is the blue ribbon contest where the best gymnasts in the world compete on all 6 apparatus. It is what I have always aspired to be the best in the world in.

I went for it in the final, added as much risk into my routines as I could and performed really solidly. I made a couple of small errors but overall it was very good. Most importantly, I loved every minute of it and smiled the whole way through it!

I also have to remember that only a few months ago I was having major surgery on my ankle so to even get to these championships was an achievement and then to be right up there competing with the very best is something I can be extremely proud of.

The biggest thing I take from these World Championships is that I have so much more in me. As soon as I got back from Canada I met with my coaches, physiotherapist and agent and we mapped out my training plan & aims for the next 12 months, which includes the Commonwealth Games, World Cup, European Championships and another World Championships. 2018 is a huge year and I can now attack it in the best possible shape. These World Championships have shown me that I have it in me to be the very best. 1.6 points away from Gold when I was racing to get back from a major ankle injury; I know I have it in me to win some big medals in 2018.

The absolute key for me over the next 12 months is to stay in peak physical condition. That means I need to be consistently committed to my nutrition and my training, and not have any period of low intensity. By maintaining peak intensity around everything it, it will allow me to focus on increasing the difficulty of some of my routines. This takes hours and hours of gruelling practise, but to do it you need to be in prime shape.

I’ll be the first to admit that after the Olympics, I let my physical condition slip a bit. The Olympics was such a high that I found it difficult to keep intensity after it and wasn’t disciplined enough. This time I am right on it. My GB coach said yesterday that that was the best day of training he had with me immediately after a major championships.

I will need to be very focused on my nutrition and that’s where Herbalife plays such an important role in supporting me. Its products have helped me so much and will be doing so again now. I am very grateful for that support and from the whole Herbalife family. I get tons of messages from people connected with Herbalife on social media and they all mean a lot to me.

I’m so excited about the next 12 months. There are major championships coming up and I am in the best possible shape to take them on. Away from the gym, life is in good shape as well. I find balance with everything I do with my YouTube Channel and my website the Body Bible. I am even working on a gymnastics fitness book to come out next Christmas, which is something completely new and exciting! But my agent and I work closely to make sure that I keep the correct balance in my life so that my training and recovery are always number one.

Thanks so much for all the support from everyone at Herbalife!

Train Smart, Keep It Real!


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