A new, amazing blogpost from Irish blogger, Just Kassi, who is not only sharing her experiences with Herbalife Nutrition products, but also her favourite recipes using Formula 1.

As you know my life has changed a lot over the past year. Apart from all the things that changed, one that I was not really expecting to trouble me was my nutrition. I believed that working from home would make me gain new and better habits when it came to my breakfast routine. I was positive that my new life would consist of healthy lunches and well-planned dinners.


It was to my great surprise to find out that this was not an easy habit to crack. Although I had all the time I wanted to make a nice breakfast and prepare a lovely lunch, I found myself waking up to a cup of coffee that I would drag out until lunchtime, only to remember that I didn’t eat my breakfast. To my defence I am happy to say that these days were few and I did try to balance my week by eating well – having my favourite scrambled eggs for breakfast; fruit, nuts and salad for lunch and finishing off with a healthy dinner (and a sweet snack that I always love).

I am happy to say that I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition as I have the advantage of having a dietitian as my best friend and my husband breathes and sleeps nutrition and fitness. But when it comes to putting everything I know into action I can be difficult to discipline.

In December I held my first “Own Your Beauty” workshop (read all about it here) and I had the pleasure to have Anne – a local Herbalife Nutrition distributor – as one of the speakers. Her passion for the brand and its philosophy, as well the shift to her physical appearance and energy when starting to use Herbalife Nutrition made me think twice about the products and how they would benefit me.

Anne was so happy with her results and she challenged me to try a month on Herbalife Nutrition products to see how they would make me feel. After thinking about it I accepted the challenge and tried to incorporate Herbalife Nutrition  into my everyday life. To make it more fun my husband Antonis (who is more experienced in shake and smoothies also took on the challenge and for the first time ever he is writing about his thoughts on my blog. So keep reading to see how we got on!


My Thoughts

First thoughts:

Replacing a meal with a shake was not very easy to get used to. My diet might be a bit temperamental but I always enjoy a good solid breakfast when I remember to have one. Anne’s advice was to try having a shake or smoothie in the morning to replace my non-existent breakfast. I was also advised to try the herbal tea and vitamins as a complement to my diet.

Most shakes use dairy milk as the main ingredient but as I recently became intolerant to dairy milk, I tried to find different ways to make my shakes tasty. I added almond or soya milk which worked well for my stomach. Herbalife Nutrition also have a gluten & dairy free option – Formula 1 Free From – which can work well for people with dairy/soy intolerances.

Having a shake for breakfast was something tasty and easy but it was not something I could easily get used to. It was then that I figured that smoothies might be the way to incorporate lots of fruits and fibre in my everyday diet whilst including the nutrients from Herbalife Nutrition shakes I was so used to seeing Antonis having protein shakes and mixing them with fruits and vegetables so I thought that this was the best way to get it into my diet.


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