Part 2:


A new, amazing blogpost from Irish blogger, Just Kassi, who is not only sharing her experiences with Herbalife Nutrition products, but also her favourite recipes using Formula 1.





Bringing the smoothies into it:

When I thought of making smoothies with Herbalife Formula 1 felt more comfortable with the idea of incorporating extra protein into my diet. I put our Nutribullet that we got as a wedding present to good use and I started exploring all the different smoothie recipes I could find – including those on the Herbalife Nutrition Share a Shake website which has lots of ideas for pre & post workout shake recipes. This was one of the fun things to do for the day. Coffee, Herbalife Nutrition smoothie and I was ready to get on with my work.

It’s all about the discipline:

Although this was such an easy task to do, I sometimes forgot to do it and found myself going back to old habits of not having breakfast and working all morning just on black coffee. It might be strange for some people to comprehend but planning a meal and having a full fridge for me is a chore and I always tend to forget to do it!


The good thing about Herbalife Nutrition is that whatever your taste bud preferences, you will easily find a shake flavour that will work for you. I chose the cookies & cream, cappuccino and chocolate flavours to try and I found that the chocolate was a perfect match with my banana and almond milk smoothies. For my berry inspired smoothies I would go for the cookies & cream flavour and you would be surprised how the cappuccino flavour can work well if you mix the flavours together.

Overall thoughts

I think that Herbalife Nutrition is a great option to help you keep fit, control your weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle and although I saw all the benefits that the Shakes offered but it was so hard for me to get used to this new habit. It is probably down to being disciplined and trying to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle which for me it can sometimes be a bit difficult.

Antonis’ thoughts

Nutrition, fitness and healthy eating have been a part of my life since forever. Eating healthily and maintaining your weight is actually quite simple and it comes down to knowing how many calories your body needs, getting enough protein and filling the rest of your energy needs with healthy carbs and fat. Throw in some fruit and veggies and you’re done.

I used Herbalife Nutrition as a supplement to my already good nutrition. I used 50 gr as the serving size that gave me a decent amount of protein as well as a good bit of fibre, vitamins and minerals.


I was using Herbalife Nutrition in fruit and vegetable smoothies which meant I was taking in even more of the good stuff, (e.g, vitamins, minerals and fibre). I was drinking this smoothie mostly as an afternoon snack. Compared to other more hardcore protein supplements I used in the past, I was happy to find out that Herbalife Nutrition tastes really good and the flavours we had were very complimentary with the smoothies I made.

Overall a smoothie made with Herbalife Nutrition Formular 1 is a great, tasty nutritious meal that can be used either as a light snack to get in more nutrients or as a meal replacement*.

*When it is prepared according to instructions on the label.


Ingredients for Berry Smoothie

A handful of spinach

  • Half a banana
  • A handful of berries
  • A handful of blueberries
  • 4 strawberries
  • One serving of Herbalife Formula 1  (I used cookies and cream)
  • Half a glass of water or milk of your choice

Add all the ingredient into your nutribullet and mix them

Your smoothie is ready to enjoy



Ingredients for Spinach Smoothie

  • Two handfuls of spinach
  • A few berries
  • 7-8 cashew nuts
  • 1 serving of Herbalife Formula 1  (I used cookies and cream)
  • Half a glass of water or milk of your choice
  • Add all ingredients to your NutriBullet and mix them

Your smoothie is ready to enjoy

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