Lifestyle and beauty blogger Katie Middleton explored the products of Herbalife Nutrition and wrote a lively review on it. To see what she thinks of our shakes, protein bars and supplements, read on.

I’m on a mission this year. A mission to get fit. To get to a point where I’m happy and comfortable with my body. Where I can feel confident, love my body and love what I have.

As we all know, I’m currently on a fitness journey in a bid to get to a size and weight that I’m happy and comfortable with. I shared it all in a very personal post, battling my demons. I published that post to put it out in the open that this is what I wanted because now it’s over the internet, there’s no going back is there?

So, what is Herbalife Nutrition?
It’s a company that’s backed by lots of celebrities, in particular footballers. The likes of Ronaldo and Messi are just a couple of them. Not that I’m really into my football because I’m not. But, for sports personalities to support Herbalife Nutrition speaks volumes to me and I instantly feel like I can trust them as a company.

Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 cannister

Herbalife Nutrition very, very kindly sent me some (ok, loads) of their products, to help me get started on my fitness journey!
Just a quick edit – this post should’ve been live a month or two ago. But as you all know, I’ve been dealing with lots of personal issues so apologies if I speak about things you might already know!

Initially, Herbalife Nutrition was to get me into running but after a month or so – I found that I wasn’t motivated enough for running. Obviously, at the time, the weather did not help matters because it basically snowed every other bloody day. In the end, as you all know, I ended up joining the gym. Which I absolutely love and I’m sticking to. If there’s a day I have to miss because of other commitments then I’m actually gutted. Never did I ever think I would be the type of person who actually looks forward to the gym and exercising. But, here we are!

First of all, they sent me a running top* as part of a motivation builder.
And at first, it was waaaaaay too tight on me. I felt like all my belly rolls were very obvious in it (silly I know) so I put it to the back of my draws for a month or so until I lost a bit of weight and gained some confidence. One month later, I put it on and loved it. The initial design is fab and the material is really thin and breathable. It is something I did wear in the chillier months because it’s long sleeved.

CR7 Drive and 24 Hydrate products on a table

But now it’s warmer, I prefer to opt for a short sleeve top. When I go into the gym and not my gym classes, I do still wear this top because of how comfortable and breathable it is. Plus, I get really paranoid about the tops of my arms flapping about in the middle of the gym room (again, silly I know) so this top helps me feel like I don’t have 30 pairs of eyes on me.

Meal replacement shakes taste amazing

The Weight-Management Formula 1* is a meal replacement shake which provides protein, micronutrients, botanicals and herbs. The flavour I opted for was Cookies & Cream because it’s bae, let’s be real. I’m a bit of a shitbag for skipping breakfast but this is a quick and easy 2 minute job that I can with me to work. Which is what I love about them. All you need to do is add milk to it (I tend to go for coconut/almond milk). You can obviously have this for lunch or tea but I prefer the morning just because then I feel like I have something healthy/nutritional starting my day. This is also pretty filling too and tastes amazing!

This is probably the only thing from Herbalife that I’m not 100% on.
The Herbalife Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink* is not the one for me. This is mango flavour. But in all honesty. I just can’t get my head around it. I think it’s the fact it’s Aloe Vera. I’ve had a bad experience with aloe vera in the past so I do think I’m 80% put off already because of that. You do just mix this in with your water though which is super straight forward and easy to do. Aloe does have tonnes of health benefits but like I said – it’s just my own personal preference and my previous bad experience has well and truly put me off.

One product I love though is the Herbalife Instant Herbal Beverage* in raspberry flavour. I’ve been keeping this at work and having it at about 2.00-3.00pm when my sweet tooth starts to get going a bit and I find this helps a lot. It taste super yummy and you can have it hot or cold (I’ve only ever had it hot though). It’s literally like drinking a flavoured tea and something I’m going to order again! I’m super curious to see how the lemon and peach tastes. I can imagine they’re super refreshing.

Herbalife Nutrition oroducts on a table

Next up we have the H24 Hydrate Electrolyte drinks*.
These are something I always see fitness people use and go on about. Electrolyte drinks are designed to encourage ‘fluid consumption’ and has Vitamin C which, as we all know – helps reduce tiredness. At first, I was a bit scared to use these because they sound fancy and that terrified me. I’ve been having one of these mostly before a workout – whether it’s a gym class or in the actual gym. All the classes I take are moderate-high intensity so I feel like it’s definitely ok to have one of these before hand. It just tastes like a very diluted orange juice (squash/cordial) which doesn’t phase me at all.

Sometimes though I’ll have a CR7 Drive* with me during a gym session. These are backed by Cristiano Ronaldo (his face is all over the initial packaging but Rupert had other ideas for the box) which is good enough for me! This is ‘Acai Berry’ flavour which I really like. I tend to have this after about 20-30 minutes of my workout. Just to keep me on the edge and help me push through the next 30 minutes. These are designed to sustain endurance and they definitely help, I can tell you that.

Super yummy Herbalife Nutrition Protein bars for a snack

I loveeee the Herbalife Nutrition Protein Bars*!
Honestly, these taste so good. It doesn’t feel like I’m eating a protein bar (which usually suck). It reminds me of a Snickers bar almost? But obviously a healthier version of it. These are a super yummy snack that only has 140 calories in it. They contain roughly 10g of high quality protein which is supposed to help build lean body mass. These come in three flavours – chocolate peanut, vanilla almond and citrus lemon. Kayne loves these too and I’ve had to hide them from him so he stops knicking them off me! I tend to have one protein bar with my herbal beverage drink just to help curb the sweet cravings/afternoon snacking if the herbal beverage drink isn’t enough. It usually is though.


Herbalife Nutrition protein bars and a shaker

The 24 Formula One Shake* is a meal replacement for weight control and healthy nutrition.

This is the one I have most out of the two Formula 1 shakes I have. Just because I exercise 4 days a week so if I skip breakfast and have a gym session later that day, I tend to have this one. I’m not sure why? I just do *shrugs*. I don’t really use this shake for weight control more for healthy control. So that’s why I only have one of these per day as opposed to two like the website suggests you can have if it’s for weight control. This is in vanilla flavour and it tastes good, sorta like vanilla ice cream. Let’s be real – you can’t go wrong with that can you?! Again, you can have milk with this but I just opt for a dairy free option cos I’m not a fan of milk.

Finally, we have three bottles from Herbalife Nutrition you’ve seen in the photos so far. One being your typical water bottle* which I use on a daily basis for work and the gym. The other two being for your shakes. Kayne has nabbed one of these for gym/work so I doubt I’ll see it again. But the small shake bottles* are such an ideal size. They’re not too big so they fit perfectly in your handbag, they come with a little clip too should you want to clip it onto anything. They have the metal ball inside too which helps make sure that everything is mixed properly.

Overall, I’m really impressed with Herbalife Nutrition!
There’s not much I can fault about them other than the aloe vera stuff but that is my own personal experience and preference. I absolutely love everything else. I was going to post some before and after photos in here but I really, really do not feel confident enough to do that yet. Some day when I feel like I’m in a better head space, I’ll share them cos I’m bloody proud of how far I’ve come so far! There’s definitely a huge difference already (dropped a dress size and everything, eeeeeeek) and I can’t wait to see my end result!


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