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RACHEL Allen’s Herbalife Nutrition shake recipes have been featured in RSVP, a fashion, health and lifestyle magazine. For the recipes, read on.

The first lady of Irish food, Rachel Allen, has joined forces with Herbalife Nutrition to bring you exclusive recipes that are nutritious, tasty and low in calories. Rachel’s delicious shakes are perfect for breakfast, eating on the go or a post workout meal.

*Clinical studies show that daily practice of meal replacement shakes as part of a calorierestricted diet is effective for weight loss and management, so after a summer of excess we are definitely on board! These healthy meals provide a nutritional balance of high quality protein from milk and soy with essential micronutrients, added botanicals and herbs.

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What’s to love about Formula 1?

  • Calorie-controlled: Approximately 220 kcal per serving when made according to instructions
  • Rich in protein from dairy and soy (18g per serving), a great option for building lean muscle mass along with exercise
  • Easy and convenient to make, a healthy alternative to a high-calorie breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Soy protein based providing all essential amino acids.
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Available as lactose, soy and gluten free when made according to instructions

Available flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Raspberry & Blueberry
  • Free From -Vanilla

F1 New Generation flavours:

  • Banana Cream
  • Café Latte
  • Spiced Apple

Green Goddess – serves 1 recipe by Rachel Allen

Super fresh and light, this is a phytonutrient booster shake to enjoy at any time of the day (and a brilliant way to get your greens in…) The addition of lemon or lime juice brings a lovely zesty flavour…so delicious.


26g Formula 1 Vanilla flavour

100g raw celery, roughly chopped

100g raw cucumber, roughly chopped

100g raw spinach, roughly chopped

3 tablespoons lemon or lime juice

250ml milk

150g ice


Blend all the ingredients together until completely smooth. Taste and add a little more lemon or lime juice if you wish.

Fruit Burst – serves 1 recipe by Rachel Allen

This fabulous Fruit Burst shake will put a pep in your step at any time of the day, and with the addition of oats it’ll keep you going when you’re really busy. Using seasonal berries will enhance the lovely base flavour of the Formula 1 and you can use frozen berries if you prefer.


26g Formula 1 Raspberry &

Blueberry flavour

150g natural yoghurt

100g mango

75g seasonal berries

15g porridge oats

1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice

150g ice

Blend all the ingredients together until completely smooth. Taste and add a little more lemon or lime juice if you wish.

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