Kickstart your day: Chocolate Orange Protein Smoothie

Bloggers Dannii and Dave were looking for a delicious way to give their bodies the nutrition needed, as they rarely consume any meat.

The adorable couple behind the popular Hungry Healthy Happy blog tried Herbalife Nutrition’s vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, water-mixable shake, Pro 20, and loved the results.

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What better way to refuel after a workout or to start your morning than with a Chocolate Orange Protein Smoothie? The delicious combination of cocoa and fresh orange juice in a protein packed smoothie, thanks to Herbalife Nutrition’s PRO 20 Select protein shake.

Chocolate and orange has to be one of the best flavour combinations out there, and definitely the best sweet combination. I can almost imagine I am eating a chocolate orange, but really I am having a fruit packed smoothie with an added protein boost. You don’t get that in a chocolate orange!

I have just started running again and I want to make sure that I am refuelling properly. I eat meat probably once a month, so I need to get my protein other ways. There are a tonne of ways you can get enough protein if you don’t eat meat and whilst my diet is full of those kinds of meals, with an active toddler I don’t always have time for a sit-down meal, so I grab a protein smoothie. This Chocolate Orange Protein Smoothie is my favourite.

We have struggled to find a protein powder in the past that doesn’t taste weird, and that Dave can have. A lot of protein powders are made with pea protein and because Dave is allergic to peas, that has limited our choice. When we were invited to try Herbalife Nutrition’s Pro 20 Select protein shake, we were excited to see that it didn’t have any pea protein in it and were looking forward to adding it to our diets as a post workout shake.

PRO 20 Select is a water mixable, high protein shake that is low in sugar and provides your body with key nutrients it needs. Each serving contains 20g of protein, 6g of fibre, and delivers a third of your daily recommended intake of 24 vitamins and minerals. You can just mix it with water for a simple protein shake, or you can add it to any homemade smoothie to give it a protein boost.

Herbalife Nutrition PRO 20 Select is vegetarian, gluten and dairy free and no artificial sweeteners or flavours and it is an ideal post-workout snack, as it helps to replenish your nutrient levels. We always encourage eating a balanced diet to make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, but since having a child I have realised how difficult that can be for many when you are short on time. Adding this to my diet has meant that I know I am getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, even when I have been eating too much convenience food.

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Protein shakes aren’t just for gym goers looking to bulk up. PRO 20 Select is great for anyone that is looking to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet or needs a healthy post workout snack. I have been having one of these for my breakfast a couple of times a week (in different variations of smoothies) and it has kept me going until my next meal.


That’s fine! Once you have the base of the chocolate protein smoothie, you can swap out the orange for some other fruits. I have tried chocolate and cherry, chocolate and cranberry and chocolate and mint. You have so many options here, but they are all full of chocolatey goodness!


1 Large banana
2 scoops Herbalife Nutrition Pro 20 Select
4 Large Strawberries
Juice of 1 Orange
3 tbsp Cocoa powder
500ml Almond milk
1 tbsp Honey


One: Break up the banana and add to a blender
Two: Slice the strawberries and add to the blender
Three: Add the Herbalife Nutrition Pro 20 Select
Four: Add the Cocoa powder
Five: Add the honey
Six: Add the almond milk and orange juice.
Seven: (not shown) Blend until smooth.


This doesn’t have a strong banana taste, but if you really don’t like banana you can leave it out. It just won’t be as sweet, but it will still be nice and thick because of the protein powder.
You can swap honey for maple syrup.
You can use cow’s milk instead of nut milk, but I think the flavour of almond milk works really well.

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