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The Gift of Health Blog is a commentary of health related issues which affect many of us in our day-to-day lives. So many of us are resigned to muddling through life putting up with problems to do with our weight, intolerances with our diet or digestion, our general lack of energy, our skin or hair. Solutions are out there to these and many other issues and Richard Howlett, owner of The Gift of Health shares his thoughts and simple advice on how you too can learn from the lessons he has learnt and start living life to the full. Start by following the Gift of Health blog today.

Richard is a product of the products he sells and advises on. Eight years ago he was in a place many men in their fifties find themselves; overweight, poor health, and being told that’s the way it is ! Richard fortunately was shown the Herbalife products he now promotes around the world. The start was far from positive, half-hearted at best ! However, because the products just work in feeding the body really well he started to lose the weight. Together with the other elements of the weight loss program, including regular exercise he dropped from 43″ waist trousers, (difficult when you only have a 29½” inside leg), to 34″ waist and he has kept it that way for eight years by continuing to follow the weight control guidelines.

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